Maximizing Valuation Through Sales & Operation Optimization

Learn how minor adjustments can impact how:

Your team can systematize your business for consistency and scalability.

Building the right structure with the right team can drive the business forward.

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Fall Owners Meeting
Wednesday, November 15
4:30 - 6:30 PM
Networking at 4:30
Presentation at 5:00
Happy hour to follow

What we do

Many of the premier professional advisors of the Main line have come together to offer a comprehensive network to help enhance the value of your business. Whether you are looking to grow or transition, we can put together a team that will guide you through that process.


Depending on your priorities for your business, each of our network members is prepared to help you build a team tailored to your needs.


Once your team is assembled, you will receive individual attention from each member firm while also benefiting from open and confidential communication between members.


Change does not take place over night. Many in our network develop relationships with our clients over years to adapt your strategy as your needs change.



Best fit for your needs

Choosing a path for your business will help us connect you with the advisors that will best fit your needs.

The Network

Finding business partners to help you grow or prepare to sell your business can be a very difficult process. That is why BOAN :ML came to be.

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We're happy to answer any of your questions or pair you with a member that we feel fits your needs best.

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