Business Coaches/Consulting

Alex Archawski

Sales Evolution


Alex Archawski is President of Sales Evolution LLC.  Their mission is to empower businesses who are looking to grow sales and create sales excellence within their organization. Through various services they help promote excellence in salesmanship and drive sales performance.  Services include: Sales Training | Sales Leadership Training | Fractional VP of Sales | Sales Recruiting.Alex is also a military Veteran and social entrepreneur of two organizations.  He is the founder of the Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) whose mission is building an ecosystem of successful veteran employees, leaders, and veteran owned businesses in the greater Philadelphia region.  And Co-Founder of the Veteran Shark Tank, which was created to promote and assist Veterans who are starting or growing their businesses.He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys swimming, hiking, sailing and fishing. Alex currently resides in Ardmore, PA with his wife and two sons.

Maria Baseggio

EOS Worldwide


Maria Baseggio entered the entrepreneurial world in 2010 after leaving a successful career at a Fortune 500 technology company.  She wanted to leverage that experience to help small and midsize organizations build and execute their growth strategies.  
As a Professional EOS® Implementer Maria helps owners and leadership teams get what they want from their business.  She does this by helping them implement EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®), which is a business operating system that enables them to get aligned on their vision, drive the discipline and accountability throughout the organization to execute that vision and become a healthier, more cohesive team.  
With EOS, Maria has seen great improvements in her clients’ businesses – improvements such as taking their business to a new level in revenue growth with improved efficiencies made possible by documenting their core processes.  Additionally, the leadership teams she’s worked with have become more cohesive and effective – working together for the greater good of the organization rather than as a group of individuals who make detached decisions.
With her “help first” spirit, Maria is an active member of the business community. She finds it rewarding to serve as Chair of ANSB (Advisory Network for Small Business) and to serve on the Board of Directors of MEA (MidAtlantic Employers’ Association). Previously, she has served on the Board of Directors of Beacon, a networking organization of executive leaders, the Board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and as Chair of the Governing Body of the AthenaPowerLink® NAWBO Delaware Valley.

Brian Hastings



Brian Hastings is the Founder and CEO of WebTech CFO, Inc., a boutique consulting firm that specializes in supplying Part-Time CFO, Accounting and M&A Advisory services across all industries. Overthe past 15+ years, WebTech CFO has helped numerous companies in various industries grow their revenue, increase profitability and cash flow, improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and achieve their goals. The WebTech CFO team specializes in helping owners ‘know their numbers’ by understanding all of the moving parts of the financial statements and operations, which helps them make better decisions using actionable data. One of the tools that Brian and his team utilizes to accomplish this is customized Dashboards that contain a combination of charts, tables, graphs, KPIs, metrics and commentary that highlights trends and potential issues while there is still time to adjust operations to maximize performance.  In addition, Brian possesses and MBA and is also a Certified M&A Advisor (CM&AA) and has provided M&A support for businessowners through all phases of a transaction including developing an exit strategy, preparing for a sale, finding a buyer, negotiating an LOI, overseeing due diligence, and closing the deal. After living in the Lehigh Valley for a number of years, Brian now resides in the Conshohocken area with his wife and daughter.